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Significant investment announced for strategic road network

on Tuesday, 01 September 2015.

The 2014 Autumn Statement outlined the Government's £15bn Investment Plan for the Strategic Road Network over the six year period from 2015 to 2021. Within the Solent area, £250m of investment has been secured by Highways England for improvements to the M3 and M27 Motorways, including complimentary investment on the local road network. The new schemes announced in the Autumn Statement are:

  • M3 Junctions 10-11 improved slip roads – improvements will be made to the most pressured north bound slip roads
  • M3 Junctions 12-14 improved slip roads – improvements around junctions 12 and 13, providing an additional lane on part of the route and improving capacity through the junction
  • M27 Southampton junctions – additional capacity at junction 8 through improvements to the Windhover roundabout. In addition, parallel improvements to the local road network funded through the investment plan will improve two railway bridges, near junction 5 and in central Southampton, to allow traffic to avoid unnecessary travel on the motorway
  • M271 / A35 Redbridge roundabout upgrade – the creation of a dedicated left-turn lane for traffic leaving the M271 for Southampton docks and city centre, plus an improved roundabout layout for traffic from the docks turning onto the M271
  • M3 Junction 9 improvement – upgrade to this junction that allows free movement of traffic from the A34 to the M3.

In addition to these newly announced schemes, the Autumn Statement also re-confirmed the investment in the following previously announced schemes:

  • M3 Junctions 9-14 – upgrading the M3 to Smart Motorway between junction 9 (Winchester / A34 interchange) and junction 14 (M27), linking with the Smart Motorway scheme on the M27
  • M27 Junctions 4-11 – upgrading the M27 to Smart Motorway between junction 4 (M3 interchange) and junction 11 (Fareham), linking with the Smart Motorway scheme on the M3
  • M27 Junction 10 – major development north of Fareham creates a need for expanded capacity on the M27 at junction 10. Developers, with support from the Local Growth Fund are likely to fund the addition of new slip roads to allow west-facing movements onto the motorway.

This investment will help support the significant economic growth in the area over the coming years. Solent Transport and its constituent transport authorities work closely with Highways England and this will continue through the detailed development and implementation of these schemes. Solent Transport's Sub Regional Transport Model will be used to assist with the design and business case work.

Full details of the Government's national Road Investment Strategy are available here.

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